Zebra graphics for the Spec Miata

The holidays provided an opportunity to apply some graphics to the Miata.

While out shopping, I saw a good zebra pattern on a pillow. I used my phone to take a picture:

I used GIMPĀ to isolate a portion of the image and used the threshold filter to make it monochrome:

Using the cage transform tool, I stretched the pattern to make it rectangular, then used Inkscape to convert the image to vector and mirror it:

With the pattern complete, I set up a battle station in the garage.

Using measurements off the car, taken with a fabric tape measure, I divided the pattern into 24″ wide cuts (the width of the vinyl being used.) Each colored section on the right side of the screen represents the cut being made on that sheet:


After cleanup:

First day’s progress:


The SM looks much more like a race car now!