I had been using the stock ECU for quite a while, and wanted to be able to take advantage of the intake and exhaust modifications, as well as control peak power output. I purchased a Megasquirt 3 Plug-and-play from Dmitris of MSLabs.

A few weeks later, this arrived at the door:

The enclosure is quite large. Can’t someone lay out a more compact Megasquirt board? Since the location I had used for the OEM ECU would be too small, I had to fabricate a new housing for the MS ecu:

I use angle aluminum and rivets, taking care to put foam padding around the interface points to give the computer some measure of vibration isolation.

The computer mounts against the firewall, attached to the tunnel. I did it this way to avoid cooking anything with the excess heat that comes off the tunnel from the exhaust. Initial tuning of the ECU went well. I took the car to Engine Logics, a local company that has an eddie current dyno, which allowed us to carefully tune across the entire power band.

After tuning for peak power, I took the car to Carboy to get a compliance dyno. I pulled timing from the top in order to level off the peak power and optimize the band for my NASA PTE reclass. The ECU has some quirks, but has performed well on track so far.

I added a few nice bits to make tuning easier and finish out the dash:

USB and serial ports for the Racepak and ECU interface

I also finally made a trim piece for the Racepak G2X dash:


The car is nice and reliable now, so I’m just tweaking and fixing at a casual pace at this point.